Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair

Your vehicle relies on the transmission to keep the engine running. This complex system consists of hundreds of interconnected parts that are constantly moving, rubbing together, and heating up. With so many crucial components, it’s only natural that eventually, your transmission will need service or repair. The expert technicians at Aero Auto Repair in San Diego, CA can help you address all of your transmission-related problems and get things corrected so you can get back on the road safely.

Transmission Repair San Diego

There are several signs your vehicle will show if you have a transmission issue, so it’s crucial to identify these problems as soon as you can to avoid more costly repairs later. If your vehicle pauses before you shift from “Park” or you notice pausing when you’re accelerating forward, it might be a transmission problem. Other indicators include when your transmission slips, grinds or jumps during acceleration or when your car starts to shake when you drive. Pay attention to any burnt smells coming from your hood or fluid visibly leaking from the vehicle, as these could also be related to your transmission.

If you notice any of the problems mentioned above, be sure to contact Aero Auto Repair in San Diego as soon as possible. We will help to diagnose the issue and then provide your vehicle with the services it needs. We work on all makes and models including American-made cars, imports, and hybrids. Dirty transmission fluid is one of the most common issues that drivers experience. We can perform a complete transmission fluid flush and refill with clean new fluid so that your engine runs smoothly again.

More complex issues might require more in-depth repair. In some cases we can simply replace or repair and adjust worn-out components of your transmission system like the clutch. For extreme or really severe problems, our expert technicians can perform a complete transmission overhaul. You can trust the pros at Aero Auto Repair, and we offer an incredible 3-year/36,000-mile NAPA Nationwide warranty.

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The friendly, knowledgeable staff at Aero Auto Repair is here to address all of your transmission concerns, so come visit us today at 9756 Aero Drive in San Diego or schedule an appointment online.

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