7/23/2017 Michael Nickel Always good service. They find ways to keep the costs down. They will do a less expensive fix when a part does not need replacing. They just finished working on transmission linkage and short in overdrive switch. Had it done in six hours at less $$ that what I expected. AAA discount helps too.
7/21/2017 Matthew Pettinger Excellent service! They really went out of their way to complete the work as quickly as possible. The work was done well, and my car's suspension feels better than it has in years.
7/19/2017 Desiree Stevenson great service and I love the report they give that nice
7/18/2017 Bill Larson Always great service and info
7/16/2017 Nam Tran Had an issue with my power steering belt. Aero Auto Repair fixed it right up (at not too bad a price, either)! Was a little frustrated with some of the wait time when they were trying to figure out the issue, but Erica's excellent customer service made the overall experience rather enjoyable. Highly recommended.
7/14/2017 Julian Jaeger Very friendly courteous reception by everyone behind the counter. You are treated like you are the most important person at that moment when you explain what you want done to your vehicle, and other options provided that you can say yes or no. Various drinks are offered and very comfortable chairs to kick back and relax as your vehicles is getting repair or evaluated. Potential problem areas are photographed so you know exactly what the technician has seen and documented for your review and whatever action you would like him to take care of. The photographs and potential problem areas are all printed out and given to you to review and your leisure, and not required to take action while your in the shop. The wrap-up is very smooth and the personnel behind the counter will go the extra mile for you.
7/13/2017 Timothy Reynal Great first time experience. Super customer service. Ultra clean facility. Interactive communications end-to-end, fair price. Fast service, fixed problem.
7/7/2017 David Vandermerwe Excellent. I was highly satisfied with their service and would recommend military members to use them
7/6/2017 Dennis Lyon Quick, friendly service in a modern, clean building...very professional.
7/5/2017 Melissa Juarez-Fregoso Always fast and friendly service ! I love that Sergio showed me exactly what was wrong with my car even though I trust them already. I will always bring my cars here.
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