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The Importance of Pre-purchase Inspections

Pre-purchase inspections are definitely a great investment. It is your right to have an inspection by a shop of your choice. If the seller is hesitant to allow the inspection, BEWARE! Before purchasing any used vehicle, either from a used car lot or a private party, we strongly recommend you have a pre-purchase inspection before you make a purchase. All too often, we have customers come into our shop excited about the used car they just purchased only to have an inspection reveal extensive maintenance or repairs necessary that were not disclosed at the time of the sale. The most important advantage is your peace of mind. You don't need to wonder whether the salesman or vehicle owner is being totally honest with you.

The vehicle is thoroughly checked for accident damage, rust etc. The inspection includes a comprehensive visual inspection, written report and road test. In some cases a compression test is performed. The items found in need of maintenance or repair are listed along with the estimated cost. This list will offer you some negotiating power with the seller as these will need to be addressed. It may tell you that maybe this isn't the car for you! Either way you win!